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What Kevin Durant teaches us about talents in Biometrics Department? by Kevin Lee

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Kevin Durant, one of the best basketball players in the NBA, decided to forgo more money and a comfortable situation in Oklahoma to join the Golden State Warriors.  I was stunned to hear that news.  I thought that knowing his situation, he would stay in Oklahoma.  He could get more than $150 million over 5 years in Oklahoma, but he took less money to join the Warriors team.  Why?  Why did he leave his once-called home and take less money to play in another city?  The answer is very simple.  He wants to win.  He wants to WIN NOW.  

As a professional myself, I understand why he joined the Warriors.  The Golden State Warriors are considered the best basketball team.  The winning culture, potential teammates like Steve Curry and an exceptional coach in Steve Kerr, will contribute to Kevin Durant’s winning edge.  Nobody doubts that Steve Curry and the Warriors team will be able to work with Kevin Durant.  There is no ego in this team.  In other words, the Golden State Warriors were able to get Kevin Durant because of who they are.
This somewhat astonishing news teaches me about bringing new talent to our company and to our clients in the pharma industry.  Sometimes, we wonder why we can’t get a great candidate to take what seems like a perfect job.  Should we pay more money?  Should we give more perks?
Maybe we should think like Kevin Durant and ask ourselves.  Are we a winning team?  Do we have a great culture that can attract the best talents?  Do we have what it takes to make the candidate feel successful by just saying “yes” to the job?  We should turn the questions around and ask ourselves what makes us a winning team.  The best talents in any industry want to WIN.  They simply want to join the winning team.
Clindata Insight recognizes the importance of building the best and most talented teams for Biometrics department.  We are proactive and introspective with the goal of doing what it takes to build a winning team.

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Kevin Lee is the Director of Data Science at Clindata Insight. He has been part of the pharmaceutical industry for more than 15 years with experience as a statistician, CDISC consultant, statistical programmer, and a project and industry thought leader within the clinical trial domain.

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